Pettin Hip & Joint for Dogs

– Pettin Glucosamine for Dogs – Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement – Support for Dog Joint Pain Relief and – Dog Mobility – with Chondroitin – MSM, Turmeric, & Yucca -Pettin-H&J Regular Price: $29.95 Includes FREE shipping!

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Vet recommended : 
“PETTIN Brand Hip & Joint Supplement” is the best and meets all the qualifications that promote healthy joints in dogs.
PETTIN’s cubed-sized chews (2.2 gm each) contain a blend of natural ingredients to reduce inflammation and ease your furry friend’s joint pain. It also includes a good source of collagen, anti-inflammatory turmeric powder, and yucca extracts along with immune-boosting vitamin C and E. Providing this supplement will surely help with motility and thus improve the quality of your dog’s life.” –Dr. Shamsul Alam Roky, DVM

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“I purchased this product for a 10 year-old golden retriever. She was having problems with her hips. There was gradual improvement but it took about a month to reach peak effectiveness.”
“My dogs movement is improved. Limping is gone. More energy. They're playing and running like pups.”
“I can tell a difference when I don’t use this on a daily basis. If I forget my dog will start limping due to his arthritis.”